Quantum Dev Kit USB-C OTG

I purchased the Quantum Dev Kit, and have been trying to get the USB Gadget for ethernet to work.

I’ve installed the image from the Quantum Wiki, and have attempted to connect the USB-C cable “both ways”. I assume that means to flip over the USB-C side of the cable to get different functions, but if I do that, I always get the CP210x.

I’ve looked at the schematic from the WiKi, and it appears to indicate the orientation of the USB-C cable won’t change the connection to the CP210x chip. USB-CP-DP and USB-CP-DM are connected symmetrically on the connector. The H3 chip USB0-DP, USB0-DM, and USB-OTGID are only referenced at the M.2 connector, but don’t seem to connect anywhere.

Could someone please explain what is really meant by connecting the USB cable different ways?

Remember plugging one way is USB Serial and the other way is USB OTG ! Make sure you know the difference.

Please help!

Maybe it’s too late, but in the Chinese document, it says the board has been updated, so both orientation of the USB-C are USB Serial :upside_down_face: