Quantum dev kit - does not boot

I unboxed my Quantum SoM+Expansion board
Burned the SD card in macOS terminal w/dd command

sudo dd bs=1m if=quark-n-21-1-11.img of=/dev/rdisk2;sync

Insert SD card to the board
Plug in a known working USB C data cable to the USB C port on my Macbook and to the Quantum’s USB C port

Yellow PWR LED lights
The white “STAT” LED blinks rapidly
I try to connect with this command in termnial
screen /dev/ttys000 115200
no other activity - no output in the terminal

the board is very warm to the touch

What am I doing wrong?
( it is so warm to the touch, it does not seem right )



Can either of you help with this?

Hi Raymond, I’ve pinned our Tech Support team in this thread, and they will reply to you directly. Have a nice day.

Hi Raymond_Blum, usually when you correctly burn the image to the SD card according to Wiki, then connect to the motherboard, turn on the power, it will automatically start after 5-10s, when it starts, the screen will display some content, and the white LED and yellow LED on the back start flashing. At this point you can connect to it at 115200 baud rate, you can try to send it some random characters, you should get feedback. If the answer doesn’t solve your problem, please record a video and I will analyze it for you.

Thank you
That sounds like what I did - I have a video that show the LED flashing and a non-responsive terminal session. When I unplug the Quantum board the connection is closed which seems to indicate that the board is connected to the terminal session.

Video is at https://drive.google.com/file/d/13xLnQenMyw4Ed0w9EZF7qofMZmohh1Go/view?usp=sharing

Any advice? Maybe the burned image is no good.
Do you have any guide on burning the SD card without windows?

Sorry, this link cannot view the video, please check

We’ve updated the version of the wiki so you can try it out here, but unfortunately it’s only in Chinese so you may need to use Chrome’s browser translation feature.Try rerefreshing the image based on the wiki

Thank you @Chunchun
I redownloaded the image, I used balenaEtcher to burn the SD card and the same results
The PWR LED comes on
The STAT LED blinks regularly
Nothing on the small display
Nothing in a terminal, “screen /dev/ttyS000” after hitting enter a few times

More info:
I believe that the SD card was burned successfully as I mounted the card on another Linux machine and it shows 3 partitions on the card: “boot” “userdata” and “rootfs”

This does seem abnormal, please make sure to use high-quality Type-C data cable to connect the computer to power, if the power supply is ok, it still does not start, then you need to contact after-sales support

Thanks. I have checked the cable. I’ll contact support.