PZEM004T 3.0 with Wio LTE

Hi everyone.
Any idea or tutorial how to connect and read PZEM004T with Wio LTE cat1. Unfortunally the arduino library PZEM004Tv30.h says that is not compatible with STM32F4. Thanks

Have you tried the SoftwareSerial library?

Yes, but does not read the data. I try to use UART port with Hardwareserial but does not work eather. Tanks

You can try the Emonlib library.

To use the EmonLib library with the Wio LTE Cat1, you will need to connect the PZEM004T module to the appropriate pins on the board and modify the example code provided by the library to work with the Wio LTE Cat1. The specific pin connections will depend on how you have wired up the PZEM004T module to the Wio LTE Cat1.