Proposal of Open source hardware kits

Seeed Studio will host more open source hardware kits, your suggestion will be highly appreciated. For any proposal adopted, we will send you one kit for free :slight_smile:

Please reply this post or email. Thanks! :slight_smile:

a kit with an led matrix, and some led’s and a rainbowduino would be pretty cool. that or the some controllers for an led array, and then a matrix.

or, if you had all the stuff in kit form to make a button pad like a monome device but only an all in one control board rather than an arduino board and a pcb, the kit would get pricey but if someone came in knowing that everything they needed was in one button click in your store, then i think it sell pretty well. I know a lot of people that want to make these but the hassle of having to collect everything you need from multiple sources is a downer for them.

A basic seeeduino controlled robot kit with like 2 motors, and some sensors of some sort be it range or bump sensors, and a base with some wheels would be a great starter kit for people wanting to dig into the robotics realm.

a wireless communication kit that has some wireless modules to play with communication back and forth. maybe a seeeduino on one side, and some led’s or a servo or something on the other that you can control wirelessly. to help people get comfortable with adding wireless to their projects.

Funny thing is I’m working on a arduino/shield combo for the arduinome so it’s all one logic board, had made a couple prototypes but has some issues so I’m redoing them.

As for a LED controller there is this in the forge: … rix_Driver I just picked one up from the maker, but need to get a few parts before I can assemble, but it too runs of an embedded arduino.

i too have been dabbling with the all-in-one board but have had some other issue come up that needed attention. and I am not the best at surface mount and I could only find the mini-usb (preferred over big usb) and ftdi chips SMD.

I’m sure one will show up somewhere if its not here soon.

as for the display, i totally over looked that guy in the forge, awesome.

Yeah mine is all SMD, and was designed for a 128 actually but I think that is where my problem arises so I’m going to do a single version.

Simple 4-CH 4MHz logic analyzer.

Here’s the project page:

The hardware is dead simple. This could be built with an SMD ATmega168 + FTDI chip + mini USB socket into a very tiny package. Would be a good pal for the oscilloscope kit.

Watching serial data/I²C/SPI would be very nice. Also having a software that runs on linux (maybe perl + GTK) would be great. Currently the author offers the firmware + windoze GUI.

Seems Dotmatrix kit is hot out there…

Just come to mind… How about a dotmatrix as input device shield? Here is something interesting: :smiley:

Yeah, I’ve seen that, that’s pretty wicked since you could work it both ways at the same time

I think a cool kit would be a kit for sounds, be it 8-bit, or whatever, but sounds generated by the microprocessor, it seems to be an area that’s left open. There are quite a few projects I’ve seen for LEDs, server control, wireless, RFID, etc, but almost nothing for sound, some kind of synth that’s open source would rock!

i know i have seen a few synth projects on the internets. there is an arduino synth project

I did n arduino winsynth where it was a synth and had some basic controls through a windows form with a speaker hooked up to the arduino.

I have seen kits around the internets for diy modular synths and you can create a larger synth from multiple small ones.

but yea, a music creation kit would be pretty fun too.

Yeah I’m thinking a shield with photoresistors, a decent speaker, a couple of RCA line outs. maybe a joy stick controller or a touch pad like a lot of synths have now, maybe even some sort of DAC, a small amp circuit, and midi jacks oh and a mic too. It would be really cool if there was a memory for a sample too!

would you need memory, or have a line in line out capability so you could use it as a pass through device?

Well both :mrgreen: It would be nice to have a little mem for a stand alone device, but also be cool to pass though into a analog in (yes it works, I’ve tried it) and the out through a PWM pin and you could apply effects to the signal.

Another idea for an open source project would be (what i posted in the Open Source Projects area) is a pwm driven speed controller for 3 - 20v motors at varying amps.

I think that coming up with an open source option for this would be great since good speed controllers are pretty expensive and often have way more stuff that what DIY’rs and hobbyists really need.

I am working on that right now, but i am just in the study phase right now.

Hi madworm,
Yes, is an interesting project, I was looking at it. I was thinking that maybe we could use the client made for other logic analyzer:
The client of this FPGA-based logic analyzer is java, so can run in pretty much any OS, and can understand I2C and SPI. We would just need to change the communication protocol with the hardware, I guess. BTW, that’s a quite remarkable tool to make also, the Spartan-3E Starter Kit is 149 usd and it would be useful for other projects too (you can just make it become the logic analyzer when you need it).

Back to the simpler 4mhz/4ch logic analyzer, it could probably be implemented on the arduino. A few days ago I played with this:
Would be interesting to write some UI for this arduino logic analyzer, or use the other java UI i mentioned before (inheriting the ability to decode I2C and SPI).

Also take a look at this one that is 6 channels and uses the atmega168 and GUI in Processing: … -analyzer/

What would also be useful is a development board for a Microchip PIC microcontroller, like the PIC18F4550.

A very good example for this kind of project is the CUI ( )

Anyone seen this one ? … lInterface

Its a HDMI CEC interface for the arduino, might be nice to have a HDMI CEC shield, ideally with a HDMI female connector :wink:

It enables one to command and control all HDMI connected devices, e.g. ask a TV what channel its viewing, set its volume, or tell the blu-ray speler to start playing video with the audio output via the amplifier.

See also: … 61237176/0



I’d love to get a FPGA development board, at least just a breakout board for one of the most common IC (from Xilinx or Altera) and a suitable USB programmer, something like (or better and cheaper :smiley:)

I realize that some FPGA experience could now be made with Open Workbench Logic Sniffer, but I’d prefer something more specific / dedicated.

Best regards.


GPS tracker with GSM

“The Tracker responds to text message commands, detects motion, and sends you its exact position”, useful for robbery situations.

Here is Open GPS Tracker project link:
Would be great if seeed studio depot developed with a board with gps/gsm module instead of using a mobile phone. There is a small gsm/gps module from Telit, but maybe we could find cheaper :slight_smile:

Another ideia, is to have this built-in on a PCI board on laptops, if it is stolen, we could message “LOCATION” to get the gps coordinates of the laptop. Why PCI ? just to steal energy from laptop and a easy way to be attached.


I recently designed a AR Envelope Generator for modular synthesizers which I want to provide kits for people who don’t want to etch their own pcbs or build it on strip boards. A friend told me about your site and your price is surely the lowest I’ve seen on the web. Since your prices are for 2 layer pcbs I’m even thinking about redoing the layout for a pcb where you can also put potentiometers, LEDs and jacks onto the board for easier assembling.
Ok but anyway, here’s my question: I’m working with open source software KiCad and when I ask it for a drill file it gives me a file which ends with *.drl, is that ok for you? Do you have any experience with KiCad Gerber files? And how is this thing running with the free kit? :smiley: If this works out nicely, I have a lot of ideas for future open source projects.

Check out my stuff here:, I’m talking about the Zauner Quad AR Generator.

Thanks for you answer!