Programming Lora-E5-Mini with third party ST-LINK v2

This seems to be an almost impossible task. Stm32CubeProgrammer is recognizing my ST-LINK dongle. No matter what, clicking on “Connect” doesn’t work. Not even an error message.

I have bought three of these modules with the assumption that programming them will be practical, but since two weeks of regularly searching for anyone with similar problems just didn’t help.

The closest I have come to believe this is possible is looking in another thread of this forum:

How to program a LoRa-E5 - Products & Technology - Seeed Forum (

Further below with a different ST-LINK:

Sadly, this is not reproducable. The first guy talks about replugging the dongle into the usb port. This does nothing for me.

The second guy makes it work, but his ST-LINK has pin 19 connected to SCK. There is no such pin on my ST-LINK. I have tried to pull SCK high/low connect it to rst, nothing works.

If at leasst the BOOT0 pin was exposed, erasing the firmware would have been possible…

I tried every combination of holding the reset button pressed and releasing it. Unplugging both (usb c, st link) usb ports to reset them.

The official tutorial from seed makes it look like you just need SWDIO, SWCK and GND wired up. It seems to not be that easy.

Does anyone know exactly how to do it?

If not, do you know why cubeprogrammer isn’t even giving me an error message? It almost feels like everyone else is getting an error message and is able to handle it from there. I have to blindly try things other people tried only to be disappointed…

Another person with the same unresolved problem a year ago:

Programming LoRa-E5 Dev. Board with ST-LINK Clone - Products & Technology - Seeed Forum (

Currently having the same problem right now. The headers are very unreliable for connecting the device to the st-link. I had some luck connecting the LoRa-e5 with an external st-link and also with the st-link link on my stm32f4discovery board. I have my own program on it right now, but am unable to reconnect to the device again. I really hope there is some way to atleast reliably make the connection with the device via st or some other way so its atleast easier to program.

If you are using a St-link v2, connect Swclk, swdio, gnd and 3.3 V to corresponding pin (do not connect USB of lora-e5 mini)

You then have to press the both boot and reset when clicking on the connect button on the stm32programmer software. Before you can the program it you need to change read out protection to AA and press apply.