Programming LoRa-E5 Dev. Board with ST-LINK Clone

Dear Sirs,
Has anyone here been successful on connecting to a LoRa-E5 Dev. board with an ST-LINK V2 clone like:

I have the USB -C cable (supplied) plugged in for power, and the GND, SWDIO and SWCLK connected as indicated here:

When I try to connect with STM32 ST-LINK programmer, I get:
Can not connect to target!
If you’re trying to connect to an STM32W1xx device, please select Normal or HotPlug mode from Target->Settings menu.
If you’re trying to connect to a low frequency application , please select a lower SWD Frequency mode from Target->Settings menu.

I have been holding down the RESET button, hitting CONNECT on the programmer utility, and letting go of RESET. The STM32CUBEProgrammer doesn’t even give me an error message when I try to use it.

Has anyone been successful at this?

Duane Kaufman


I have been successfull on programming to LoRa-E5 mini with ST-LINK V2 clone. First of all ı was getting an error like yours then, I downloaded the STM32CubeProgrammer when i try to connect the LoRa via St-link, I got an error again. Then i try to holding down the RESET button and press the boot button just once. And then I succeed to access the card.

Dear enesimsek01,
Thanks for responding.
I tried what you suggest, but nothing has changed, I still cannot connect. Is there anything special about the timing of your button-presses?
When I press the ‘Connect’ button in STM32CubeProgrammer, nothing happens: the ST-LINK LED doesn’t blink, and there is no error shown. Maybe my ST-LINK is broken.

Duane Kaufman

I held down the reset button before clicking the Connect and then I pressed the Connect and pressed the boot button once, before getting “Helding Reset button” error. But in the programmer without these processes I was getting an error. Can you see the addresses when you press the Connect button or literally something is not happening?

Best Regards
Muhammet Enes ŞİMŞEK