Progamming RHF76-052 MCU's

Goodnight. I’m working with the RHF76-052, the module by its own, I mean out of Seeeduino Board. Im using it with the gps gy-neo6mv2 and an arduino mini-pro. The proyect consists on send a location to the gateway and also vizaulize it in a web page. I am interesiting on progamming the LoRa chip MCU’s insted of keep working with the arduino to reduce the power consumption.I’ve been searching information about this on internet and aslo in the chip manual, but I didn’t have any luck. I have been also searching for seeeduino schematic to analize the internal conections and try it, but I havent found any as well. I’ll be really grateful for any help!

Pd: I’ve attached the manual and the datasheet of the chip RHF76-052. (1.58 MB)
AI-Thinker_RHF-76-052_Datasheet_v03.pdf (1.79 MB)

Hi there

I uploaded few files here, please check if it can help. thanks.

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[RHF-AN01507]RHF76-052AM Hardware Design Guide - v1.3.pdf

[RHF-AN01508]How to Use STLink Upgrade RisingHF Device - v1.0.pdf

[RHF-AN01571]Ho To Use RisingHF’s LoRaWAN Modem - v0.5.pdf

[RHF-AN01677]RHF76-052AM Design Guide - v1.0.pdf

[RHF-AN01678]RHF76-052AM Application Guide - v1.0.pdf

[RHF-AN01700]RisingHF LoRaWAN AT Command Firmware Complete - v1.2.pdf

[RHF-PB01852]RHF76-052x and RHF78-052x Product Brief - v2.0.pdf

[RHF-UM01518]How to upgrade RisingHF device - v1.3.pdf

[RHF-UM01649]IoT Discovery User Manual-seeed-v2.1.pdf