Problems updating firmware with the mmWave 60GHz MRBHA1 Heart/Breathing rate sensor

Hello everyone, my first post here, I have recently bought a MRBHA1 60GHz mmWave Heart/Breathing rate sensor and as encouraged by the wiki I tried to update the firmware because using either the new or the old app, some information is missing, for example the new app will always show that no one is detected and the position is always constant, also the graphs do not show up, as mentioned by other users.

I tried different ways to check the firmware version before the update, first with a terminal app, afterwards with self written python code, I know this should work because I have used this terminal app with other devices requiring raw data before (direct hexadecimal bytes), even while using self written code, the device never replies or acknowledges my messages, I checked my checksum function with many examples and also used the precalculated message shown in the wiki

0x53 0x59 0x02 0xA4 0x00 0x01 0x0F 0x62 0x54 0x43

I’m kinda lost on why the sensor never gets my messages, so I tested with other USB->serial adapters, still no luck. I can receive data without issues but it seems I cannot send data to the sensor, I also inspected the board for bad solder joints and checked continuity to the main IC and it was also ok.

After giving up in getting the firmware version I decided to just try the UART update method shown in the wiki. But the sensor did not reply to any messages sent by the update software.

The only option I see is to get a Segger J-Link, but is there something I could be missing, for example an older checksum algorithm so that the sensor thinks my messages are bad because we are using different methods, or something similar? I tried to search for the previous documentation but I couldn’t find much.

If it is of any help the markings on the board are:
R60A D/C 2225SK
The label on the bag states:
60GHz mmWave Sensor - Breathing and Heartbeat Module
Made in China 07/18/22
EU eVatmaster Consulting GmbH
REP Bettinastr. 30, 60325 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Thank you all for your time!
Best regards
Ricardo Manríquez