Problème avec seeed nRF52480

I have a seed microcontroller (nRF52840) but I can’t use it, I code on visual studio code and I have this code :

import time
import board
import digitalio
import busio
from adafruit_lsm6ds.lsm6ds3trc import LSM6DS3TRC

imupwr = digitalio.DigitalInOut(board.IMU_PWR)
imupwr.direction = digitalio.Direction.OUTPUT
imupwr.value = True

imu_i2c = busio.I2C(board.IMU_SCL, board.IMU_SDA)
sensor = LSM6DS3TRC(imu_i2c)

while True:
print(“Acceleration: X:%.2f, Y: %.2f, Z: %.2f m/s^2” % (sensor.acceleration))
print(“Gyro X:%.2f, Y: %.2f, Z: %.2f radians/s” % (sensor.gyro))

it generates me this error and I don’t know how to solve it:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “e:\”, line 5, in
import board
File “C:\Users\aubin\AppData\Local\Packages\PythonSoftwareFoundation.Python.3.10_qbz5n2kfra8p0\LocalCache\local-packages\Python310\site-packages\”, line 336, in
raise NotImplementedError(
NotImplementedError: Adafruit-PlatformDetect version 3.42.0 was unable to identify the board and/or microcontroller running the Windows platform. Please be sure you have the latest packages running: ‘pip3 install --upgrade adafruit-blinka adafruit-platformdetect’

someone could help me ?
I have already tried to execute the said command but it doesn’t change anything.