Problem with Xadow BLE

Hi everyone! I’ve recently baught a Xadow main board+BLE, however I couldn’t get it work so far :frowning:
When I launch serial communication I’m able to return its name with AT+… etc. But when I try to connect to it with my 4.0 phone (Nexus 5), or with a BLE dongle on raspberry PI, I can’t connect or even find it :confused:
I tryed with different sketches but no way to get it work well, have you got an idea?
Thanks for your help!

I’m having these same problems.

Did you get the BLE module working?

Oh I see, just switched over to Slave mode and now the BLE is detectable.

I got the same problem too. It seems like can’t detect my Note 2 with Xadow - BLE. Guys, do you figure it out Xadow - BLE sample code?