Problem of Seeed Jetson Mate Setup with Nano

I’m trying to setup Jetson Mate with one Nx and three Nano according to the Seeed Wiki below:
Jetson Mate - Seeed Wiki (

As I understood, each module should be configured on the Master slot.
I can successfully setup Jetson Nx, but failed with Jetson Nano.
When Jetson nano is installed on the master slot, I can’t see the screen but can access it via minicom ttyACM0.
There are eth0 and l4tbr0, but eth0 does not have ip address while l4tbr0 has
Thus, the Nano module can’t access internet and failed package installation.

Why Jetson nano is not properly boot up and connect to internet on the master slot?
Jetson Nx works perfectly on the master slot.

How can I solve this issue?
I just want to use three Nanos as slaver nodes.

Any comments will be appreciated!

I have successfully set up this exact scenario and it works properly. The trick I had to perform was to notice the admonition on the product description of the Jetson Mate:


SoM of Jetson Nano Developer Kit A02 will not work with Jetson Mate

If you have older Nano boards, they may be version A02, as mine were. I quickly got onto eBay and bought three of the new Nano boards which work as expected.