Powering reTerminal via HSI / (SYS_5V)

Hi all,
I would like to make an interface PCB for the HSI port underneath reTerminal.
This well have RS323 for a barcode scanner and will have some Molex connectors for the Pi’s I/O and I2C.

I’d like to provide 5V at 2.5 to 3 amps with a RECOM DC-DC switching reg to power the reTerminal via the HSI port on the SYS_5V bus as my barcode scanner needs 24V.
The idea is to have one power cable at 24V to power everything.

Has anyone had any experiences powering via HSI?
Did a quick search on here and google and didn’t find much at all on this subject.
Only this, reTerminal - not booting when powered via GPIO - Products & Technology - Seeed Forum (seeedstudio.com)

Also is there a full schematic available of the reTerminal?