Power Connections for LoRaWAN E5 module other than grove connector

Can anybody help me with this?
Q: I mistakenly interchanged VCC and GND pins on my LoRaWAN E5 module. it burned the capacitor I guess. is there a way to repair or power it by additional hardware settings?
the burned part is marked red in the picture.

Hi, I guess you have burned the LDO, which is the power source of LoRa E5 module, you can test the VCC and GND to confirm if the power is short by a multimeter. You can replace a new LDO(AP7333-33SRG)

or you can remove the LDO, and soldering a wire at the 3V3 test point, and use a 3.3V power source to power the module up

@jianzhang.su Thanks for your suggestions.
I will do try on both options.
Thanks again.