Poor range of Wio E5 mini vs. ST Nucleo board

I have the Wio E5 mini devkit, and also an equivalent(!) Nucleo board from ST; MB1389. I created a simple end-node application in ST Cube IDE, which works on both boards with only the modification of the RF control gpio pin names. Each board is powered by USB.

On the Wio E5, I see Lora messages arrive at my RAK lora gateway with RSSI typically -95. Using the ST Nucleo board, messages arrive with RSSI typically -35. Likewise the range of the Wio E5 is limited to about 4 metres, the Nucleo to over 30m.

Why is there such a large difference in performance? The Wio E5 datasheet promises a range of 10Km, so how is this achieved? Any kind thoughts would be much appreciated.