Pinmux for Nvidia Orin NX 16GB SOM + J202 Xavier Carrier board

Hello Seeed community,

I’ve been using the Seeed J202 Jetson Xavier carrier board + Nvidia Xavier NX system-on-module chip for several months with great success. Now, my goal is to use an Nvidia Jetson Orin NX 16GB system-on-module, on the same J202 carrier board.

I am looking for the pinmux (Excel sheets, .dtsi, etc) to make this possible, so I can build the kernel and flash.

Nvidia provides a pinmux config file to map the Orin SoM onto the default Nvidia pinout, on the Nvidia Xavier NX dev kit carrier board. I try to use this on the Seeed J202 board, but the flash fails. It seems I need the pinmux / board support package to re-map the Orin SoM onto the J202 Xavier pins.

Can anyone help?