Pi zero base hat not working


I am using a pi zero base hat in conjunction with a pi zero WH. I connected a grove led module to D16 and tried running the command “grove_led 16” (and also grove_led 16 17 as this is done is some examples I found). I also tried D5 (and changed the number accordingly in the command).
I always get an error stating “Check whether I2C enabled and Grove Base Hat RPi or Grove
Base Hat RPi Zero inserted…”

I found a possible solution would be to change the I2C address to 0x08 but this was already the case on my pi zero. Any other suggestions to fix my issue? I saw some unresolved similar issues so I hope there is a solution to this, as I now have a bunch of grove modules already purchased which are useless if I can’t use them with my pi zero.

PS: I played around with the grove modules with a pi pico and grove shield and had no issues so cables and modules are ok