P3325a-Philps 8P Ear Clip blood oxygen probe


I’m new in this forum. Always read, but it’s my first post.

I buyed the sensor in title and I need some help to use it.

I know there’s a pinout in the wiki page, but how can I wire this sensor to the arduino board?

I can’t understand the PD+, PD-, LED+ and IR-. There’s no schematic or explanation about this.

Thanks very much your attention.

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Ricardo Sartorato

I guess the product can not be directly connected to Arduino board. It should need some extra driver board.

hi !
I would be interested by more details about P3325A/P9325A sensors too. I would like to use it with something else than a .net gadgeteer motherboard.
Steve, would you share more details about the pulse oximeter module ? especially the processing of analog data. it seems this part is not included in the source code.
I think that would help a lot for porting.

I’m sorry for having not answered the question yet , because this product was designed by others.
Thanks for your comprehension.

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