OV5640 Camera for XIAO ESP32S3 Sense - How to use Autofocus?

The Seeeduino Store page with the OV5640 camera description claims the following:

The sensor comes with an auto-focusing function to help users take clear photos and videos more easily. The auto-focusing function can automatically adjust the focus distance, ensuring that the captured images and videos are always clear and sharp.

However, I cannot get it to work. Seeed Studio doesn’t seem to offer any sample code, and I also tried the “OV5640 Auto Focus for ESP32 Camera” library, modifying the pins for the XIAO, but the auto-focus functions failed.

There is an “AF_VCC” listed on the expansion board schematic, so I assume the power for the voice coil motor is being supplied to the module.

Can someone explain to me how to get the autofocus working, please, preferably with a working code sample? I’m reviewing the ESP32S3 Sense board for my YouTube channel, and wish to address this issue in the video.


The camera’s autofocus function does not require additional code to implement, the camera itself comes with an autofocus algorithm

And unbelievably, this thing has a focus motor.