ODYSSEY X86J4105 TPM missing in BIOS

Has anyone encountered a situation where the TPM module is not recognized in the X86J41x5 BIOS?

I upgraded the BIOS a few months ago in order to support secure boot and to prep for a Windows 11 upgrade. In the last week the TPM module has suddenly disappeared from the system. The BIOS no longer reports a TPM device and device manager in windows no longer shows it either. Other than general windows updates there have been no major changes to the system, no hardware additions or changes to the BIOS.

Any thoughts?


Can you take a photo to show it?


I read your question correctly and I told it to my elder brother because they have knowledge about ODYSSEY X86J4105 TPM and I have shared it with my friends. As soon as I get the best answer, I will tell you here https://forum.seeedstudio.com/t/odyssey-x86j4105-10eloto-


I can when I get back to the machine later this weekend, but what exactly do you want a picture of?

The device isn’t listed in either the BIOS or the Device Manager. There isn’t an error message or an enable/disable option or a place holder for the device; it’s just simply not present according to the system.

BIOS setting ->Advanceed->Trusted Computing
Make sure the Security Device Support is Enable.

i think some people are just trolls ans ask stupid questions like post pictures and code and what device are you using without ever replhying with any usefuk information

I thought I had been clear in the original post, but it seems I was not. As I said, the module is not available to be enabled. It’s not a matter of turning it on, it’s not there to be turned on. Hence my explanation that it has disappeared.


@jomiller48 You can have a try to upgrade the firmware before return it. If worked, it can save your time.

Hello @jomiller48,

Could you please try to reset the BIOS at first?

  1. Power OFF ODYSSEY
  2. Remove CMOS battery (yellow one)
  3. Wait a couple of minutes
  4. Put back CMOS battery
  5. Power ON ODYSSEY

And let me know the results.

Thank you.