ODYSSEY-X86J4105 bricked

Hello all,

Hoping to see if there’s any suggestions on recovering the hardware of my X86J4105 which appears to have bricked itself last night.

I’ve had it running (windows 10) for two years exactly (ordered September 2020), pretty much powered on 24/7. Over the past two or so weeks, I noticed that the unit was producing a “whining” sound, which appeared to be coming from the power input connector as it would temporarily stop when I would twist the barrel plug, but then start again. Woke up this morning to realize the unit powered off sometime last night, and won’t power back up. Pulled the unit out of the re_computer case and tried to see if I could see anything that indicated a power supply failure or failure around the barrel input. Nothing seemed apparent, but unit won’t power back up.

Wondering if anyone else has experienced a similar situation, and/or any suggestions to remedy the situation. Looking at the Seeedstudio page, it appears that warranties only last for 12 months…so looks like I may be SOL, although I’ll still reach out to them to see if there is anything they can or will do.

Silver lining, had been running this unit entirely off of a m.2 nvme drive, so at least that’s removable and files are easily recoverable…