Odyssey X86 - Defective FAN

If that’s the case what are you using to get the CPU temp then?

Reason i ask is because i have turned the fan off and running it with Proxmox. Using lm-sensors it does show the CPU at 48c with just docker running and 67c with Windows VM (Being abused with Prime95) after 30 minutes with the docker VM also running.

Yes,CPU know itself temp, but this info just the CPU used, J4105 do not contain a pin to tell the EC how it is. We place a temp sensor near to the CPU socket, EC adjust the fan speed adjust according this sensor feedback.

The thing is the fan speed on mine is either 0% or 100% no in between even after EC update.

So it’s not adjusting fan speed it just goes to either on or off.

So where about is the sensor just in case I need to clean it.

I am having the same issue with the fan!

Please watch the video below as the proof.

I’m also experiencing the issue:

How can we proceed from here?

A new firmware will be release.