Odyssey X86 - Defective FAN

If that’s the case what are you using to get the CPU temp then?

Reason i ask is because i have turned the fan off and running it with Proxmox. Using lm-sensors it does show the CPU at 48c with just docker running and 67c with Windows VM (Being abused with Prime95) after 30 minutes with the docker VM also running.

Yes,CPU know itself temp, but this info just the CPU used, J4105 do not contain a pin to tell the EC how it is. We place a temp sensor near to the CPU socket, EC adjust the fan speed adjust according this sensor feedback.

The thing is the fan speed on mine is either 0% or 100% no in between even after EC update.

So it’s not adjusting fan speed it just goes to either on or off.

So where about is the sensor just in case I need to clean it.

I am having the same issue with the fan!

Please watch the video below as the proof.

I’m also experiencing the issue:

How can we proceed from here?

A new firmware will be release.

@Bruce.Qin my fan is also not spinning, how do I check if i am on the latest firmware?


@Bruce.Qin can you please confirm if there is a BIOS update for this issue?

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According to lmsensors, the cores on mine are at 84deg, and no fan running. Should I be worried?

I have been told by Seeed Support to upgrade the firmware and BIOS but there are other reports that the new BIOS is not working either.


I suggest you wait the new one.


  1. Hello, could you tell me when new firmware will be released?

  2. if latest firmware has option to turn on the fan as always, what is fan speed power?(e.g. 50%). because as you know my one activates the fan 100% easily it’s noisy.

@happyzung The new EC firmware and BIOS has been tested, We will release this week,
The fans speed will be 80% in always on mode.

Thank you!
I am looking forward to it.
I love this device without fan noise.

You can choose normal mode make less noise.

We have release a new EC and BIOS firmware.

oh! ok i will try it. thanks!

@Bruce.Qin I am using the new firmware and BIOS and I see that the fan is on at 40 degrees in normal mode. Is that expected?

How you detect the 40 deg? The new firmware threshole is 35/55 degress.

Thanks @Bruce.Qin.

I use sensors on Linux as well as OpenHardware on Windows.
My BIOS is set to normal fan mode, so it should get on only at 55 degrees?