Odyssey sata power cable reference


I received the device, it is working well :slight_smile:

I search a reference for this cable and specially the 4 pins to sata power cable, you provide one cable with the odyssey.

Thanks for your answer.

This is a cable that we made specially for ODEYSSY.It’s not for sale, but it’s easy to do it by DIY.

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Thanks for your answer, no problem to build it myself but I have no reference for the white part of the connector, So, it’s not a floppy or Intel connector, what type of connector is it ?

Thanks for your feedback, sorry it’s not solve.

Hi @nl.smart

We are currently in the dicussions with the product team, and hoping to releasing these cables to sales.


Thanks for your reply, I found and purchased a cable last week, Friday.

I hope to receive this cable this week, I will give you my feedback with more details, the only dimension I have for the moment is the width cable 8.8mm. This cable look like with your white cable.


I received the cable today, it’s exactly the same as your product, it works fine, unfortunately I have absolute no reference, find below the shop web link, I hope it will be helpful for the Odyssey owner.


Any updates on releasing the cable for sale?

We are currently at the proofing stage, and we are aiming to release to sales on the earlly of August! :smiley:

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I found this link, enjoy.

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Why can not just post emoji.

Nice, you’ll sell the wished cable.

Unfortunately, for the moment you give us no solution to solve it, to build it, to buy it…

I’m lucky, on my side it’s solved here, your other customers are not so lucky and they don’t laugh…

How build this cable ourselves ? it’s easy, I agree, but where can we find the needed parts ?


Nice, thanks a lot for your customers.

Could be a JST PH Connector, pitch should be 2.0mm

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