Odyssey SATA III Power cables

LOL of what should be the simplest of things.
Good Luck.

Mouser #: 923-1700018785
SATA Cable with mini-4pin-molex

Also, take a look at the SATA Power/Data cable:
Mouser #: 103-SATA-13

I ordered the Mouser parts given by rw.denver above and these cables do not fit the Oddysey sata power connectors.

Very frustrating for customers in the US looking for this cable and no support from Seem in locating it.


This one fit the Oddysey sata power connector, I bought one, see below.


or here
Mini 4-pin (2.54mm pitch) to SATA 15-pin power connectors


I reported it


Thank you. CDdiscount does not ship to the US. and hard kernel charges $30 US dollars for shipping for a $4 cable.

I hope to see Seed Studio support their OWN product and offer the cable for sale.

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I found it, I hope it will be the solution.

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If you buy this cable, don’t forget to give us your feedback…

I just bought it, will def report back. Thank you.

I hope it will be helpful for the other Odyssey users.

This fits the Odroid H2 not the Odyssey. I have both.

Have you the 4 pin cable to test the compatibility ?

Yes I bought it for the Odroid H2. Can confirm this doesn’t fit the Odyssey.

I think you need this…

Will coming soon.

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Can Confirm this did NOT work on the Odyssey. It’s too big.


On my side the white connection (link below) look exactly the same as my purchased one.


Nice, thanks a lot for the customers.

Unfortunatly it’s Out of Stock :rage:
Is there an amazon or cdiscount available one ?