Odyssey SATA III Power cables

Where can I buy the individual power cables? 4 pins from the board to 15 pins?

Hi @tripathy.sushant, are you looking for this one?

Could this be the type?

On Amazon Seeed Studio site photos never load for me.

Thanks Salman, the other connector is the one I was looking for.

Actually, this doesn’t fit the headers on the Odyssey either. Thanks for the pointer though.

Actually the other option doesn’t fit the header on Odyssey either.

You can find it on local store or amazon ali-express too.

Thanks everyone for replying. However, the options listed here still don’t fit the three SATA power headers available on the Odyssey.

LOL of what should be the simplest of things.
Good Luck.

Mouser #: 923-1700018785
SATA Cable with mini-4pin-molex

Also, take a look at the SATA Power/Data cable:
Mouser #: 103-SATA-13