Odyssey J4125v2 dead after BIOS update

After following the steps in the wiki now the odyssey doesn’t do anything, I can only see a blue light but no video.

I did the unplug power/battery several times, I waited even 1h to re-plug… and left the odyssey for a few hours, but nothing. it’s a brick. Don’t know how to fix it

cc @lakshan @Bruce.Qin

Could you provide the details of the BIOS chip? I would like to attempt a manual flash using a CH341a MiniProgrammer. Could you tell me where the ship is located in the board and the manufacturer/model?

The V2 onboard BISO is already up to date, and the V1 BIOS cannot be used to flash V2. We will release the BIN documentation to you, you can try to re-flash to the BIOS. The chip is a windbond 25Q64JWSIQ, maybe you need to make sure that the chip on your side is the same number.

Thanks I replied also to your email. I can confirm it’s the W25Q64JWSIQ, so I guess I have to use a 1.8V programmer, is that correct?

What about the other W25Q64? It’s 25Q64JVSIQ and it’s next to the battery plug. Is that the controller? Shall I flash also that? And with what?

One more question, where is the PIN number 1 of the W25Q64JWSiQ located?


This IC can be used if the programmer support list is included, and the voltage is not too concerned.
BIOS IC located as I mark as red line.

The other one slodering on the board used for NIC firmware.

Can I flash it with 3.3V or do I need a 1.8V adapter?

I think 3.3V will be ok. The flash chip support 3.3V.

Thank you, in the IC socket where is the pin number 1? Could you add a red dot so I can see? Thanks

As you can see in the picture.

Thank you very much… I’m waiting for the USB programmer to get delivered today and I’ll try. If it doesn’t work could you send me a programmed chip? Thanks

Of course! Don’t worry about it.

I’ve tried but the chip is not recognized :frowning:

Could you please send me one? I’ve sent you an email

Sure,no problem. :grinning: :grinning:

@Bruce.Qin Could I please also get the .bin file ? I did the same misstake to (re)flash with wrong bios image. Thanks!

P.S. Attached is picture of board/chip

Sent, pls check your gmail box.

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Hey @Bruce.Qin is there any update on the chip shipment? Did you guys send it?


Please check the email, I have replied in the email.

@Bruce.Qin @Seeed-Liu
I did the same mistake and bricked my BIOS chip. The device won’t boot anymore…

Please send me the bin file, too…
If it doesn’t work to reprogram the chip, could I get a programmed chip, too? :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!