Odyssey Fast Data Offload via Fibre As fast as possible

Hi really got myself confused here with the Odyessy card and all the M2 options, I have a need to get data off a drive as fast as possible but the hardware needs to be as small as possible, cost less important. Likely a few TB but connection must be through SFP+ or SFP28.

In a perfect world Im looking for more than 1Gbyte/second transfer rates over SFP28 and 10TB of storage.

I wondered about using a SBC like the Odyssey with a M2 nvme 4TB drive and a second M2 with a riser for PCIE x4 and something like the ASUS 10GB SFP card (XG C100-F) but Im a little confused with the M2 drives and the keys. Seems only one would give me access to the full PCEI speeds?

Is this possible to attain maximum offload speed or can anyone recommend a setup to maximize the offload speed.

Sorry if this seems a simple problem…