Odyssey (eMMC) Bricked After Bios Update


So I just ran the BIOS and EC upgrades according to the wiki instructions, and now my Odyssey board is no longer booting. I’ve read through the forum post here, and I seem to be having the same issue. This was purchased on Amazon, so I’m not sure what to do?

How do I get this to boot again? It seems to be a common occurrence. Not sure what to do? Can you send me an RMA number to send this back to you?


@psu-antennas Can you boot to BIOS again?
@jiachengluPls follow up.

Hi Bruce,

No, nothing comes onto the monitor. The power button shows blue, but SBC doesn’t output any video signal. There is voltage on the USB port that lights up USB thumb drive, though it doesn’t blink which indicates that it’s just power and not being read.

Not sure what to do… I’ve been browsing the forum and noticed that several others have bricked their Odysseys as well after a bios/firmware update.

Please advise? We actually ordered from Seeed Studio, not Amazon.


@jiachenglu @Bruce.Qin Any update? What should we do?

@psu-antennas Sorry about that, pls sent it back to us for analysis.