ODB II -- Can't get it to start connected in car

I have a ODB II RF Dev Kit that I’ve had for a bit, but haven’t been able to get it to seem to power up when connected to my vehicle (2020 Honda Ridgeline). Today I finally had time to try to power it up via the place where the header is shown in the picture (the board I have doesn’t have a header installed, but I’ll be adding one this evening).

Supplying 3.3V and Ground shows a blue light on the radio part of the board. The other thing I’ve noticed is that not all the pins are soldered from the ODB-II connector to the board. I’ve attached two photos (top and bottom view) that show what is soldered.

The other odd thing I’ve seen is that two of the pins in the OBD-II connector stick noticeably further out than the other pins. Could this be causing a problem seating the connector to the car? If so, it’s a defect that has been here since I got the board…

Would like to be able to get this working… any pointers would be appreciated.


Here is a picture of the connector that shows the issue with the pins I was mentioning.
Top row, pins 4 and 5.


Hi there,
Yea, That’s a NO-Go :-1: on the QC for that piece , wow. :face_with_peeking_eye:
Looking at the schematic there are 9 pins that must be soldered. The others should as well if nothing else for stability.

I would solder them all (generous with the flux ), then clean it with some alcohol.
Probably work right away.
The pins I would be less concerned about as long as they connect and it’s not a “Crunchy”
:sweat_smile: connection.
GL :slight_smile: PJ

I got it all soldered up (thanks for confirming my thoughts on what “should” have been the case. I did get the “blue light” to come on when it’s plugged in, but still no data to the Wio Terminal. I’ve seen a couple random times that it shows 0 mph, etc. which I was thinking might have been from the initial connection. I’ll go over the pins again to confirm I didn’t miss anything. Does it matter which port the Grove Wireless Serial board connects to on the Wio Terminal?

Hi there,
I would think YES, on the port ? WHat port is the software looking for or address ?
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You’re close, you will get it.