NvmmWrite() and NvmmRead() missing in LoRaWAN-E5 NvmDataMgmtStore

I am supposedly using the STM32 Cube IDE and the Seeed Studio source package to develop a commercial application on the LoRaWAN-E5. I am using the “mini” for development. The client must be able to provision each device with the device id and the basic keys for OTAA configuration. It is not feasible to compile each device separately since the estimated usage will be a million or so.

When I tried to hybridize the “End node” application with AT commands, I discovered that the NvmmWrite() and NvmmRead() functions used by NvmDataMgmtStore are missing.

Where might I obtain those puppies?

Well, self, there isn’t much help coming from these folks. So, in the words of Butch Cassidy, “You’re on your own, Sundance!”.