NPi i.MX6ULL Dev Board - HAB

Hi all

just a quick question - am thinking to pick up a NPi i.MX6ULL Dev Board (eMMC version) as a hacking/learning platform. They are cheap enough that, in theory, if I screw up royally, then I haven’t lost too much; it’s also one of the cheapest way to get into i.MX6 boards.

One are I am looking to explore is High Assurance Boot - HAB; some quick questions

  1. has anyone tried to do this in the past and can offer some experience?
  2. does anyone see limitations to running HAB with this board?

(this post is related to this post -NPi i.MX6ULL Dev Board - Learning Platform I have split the posts so that they stand on their own for future reference)

I haven’t used it, but it looks like NXP has some documentation.