Not getting accurate values with Grove multi channel gas sensor


I am using Grove multi channel gas sensor for getting the gas concentrations with Arduino UNO. I am not able to get accurate values with this, please help me out regarding this issue.

I tried out with the "ReadSensorValue_Grove " code and was getting abnormal values. After this, I performed “Calibration code” with pre-heat time of 30 min in the good air flow condition.

After the calibration, the values have improved little but 10-15 times more than the actual values.

Please find the concentration values below I got from the sensor:

The concentration of NH3 is 0.07 ppm

The concentration of CO is 4.63 ppm

The concentration of NO2 is 0.11 ppm

The concentration of C3H8 is 828.82 ppm

The concentration of C4H10 is 546.94 ppm

The concentration of CH4 is 770.81 ppm

The concentration of H2 is 0.79 ppm

The concentration of C2H5OH is 1.74 ppm

Please let me If there any changes that I have to do the hardware/software or any other steps I have to take for addressing this issue.

Thanks in advance


Github link for code:

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