No Windows COM port bootloader mode xiao RP2040

I have a XIAO RP2040 and running the Arduino IDE to try the blink application.
Board manager libraries correctly installed.

An error occurred while uploading the sketch

I have seen the suggested fixes including pressing B button at power up to go to bootloader mode.
I am using a good USB cable, direct USB to my PC, and have programmed other Arduino boards with this hardware.

When I do, a few things happen as shown in the attached image:

  1. The RP-RP2 folder is mounted at E: (not shown in the image but it happens)
  2. Device manager shows a bad “Other Device” called RP2 Boot
  3. There is no COM port for the XIAO, it used to be COM21 but disappeared when going to bootloader mode.

I believe I need an updated Windows driver so that I see a COM port when XIAO RP2040 is in bootloader mode.


I am afraid you can’t have both at the same time, the mass storage device and the serial port.

The mass storage device Is used for uploading the executable. The serial port is used for debugging when the executable runs.

Thank you for the reply, but I think you misunderstand my question. I have no interest in using the mass storage device. I want a COM port so I can program it.

This class of device is unusable by me as a development platform because I cannot upload my sketch to it. I can see it as a COM and choose it during development, but when I attempt to upload the sketch it goes to bootloader mode, the COM port disappears, and then the sketch upload fails.

Sketch upload always fails and using B at power up does not solve that problem.

My solution right now is not to use this device but go back to the xiao SAMD which I use successfully.