No OK from Grove UART WiFi

New Grove Beginners kit and UART WiFi Grove module. Have all the other modules working fine and a few others besides. Can’t get anything out of the WiFi module. Have it plugged into D2 and using software serial. I’m just sending “AT/r/n” and looking for an “OK”.
Test code is:
#include <Wire.h>
#include <SeeedOLED.h>
#include <SoftwareSerial.h>
SoftwareSerial SoftSerial(2, 3);

char ap_buf[30][16];
int ap_cnt = 0;

void setup()

SeeedOled.init();                   // initialze SEEED OLED display

SeeedOled.clearDisplay();           // clear the screen and set start position to top left corner
SeeedOled.setNormalDisplay();       // Set display to normal mode (i.e non-inverse mode)
SeeedOled.setPageMode();            // Set addressing mode to Page Mode

//test AT command
SeeedOled.putChar(’!’); //I get this

while (!SoftSerial.available()) {}

while (SoftSerial.available()) {




Don’t see anything after it. The green LED is on. If I press reset on the WiFi, I don’t get a red LED. However, the code sees an OK. However, if I restart the Arduino, I don’t get the OK.

If I run the recommended test code of finding APs, I get nothing.