Night Vision Camera for Jetson orin NX


we need camera with night vision (12MP or more) which are compatible with jetson Orin nx board. Please let us know ASAP.


these 2 should work:

but these 2 are 2-8MP

Thanks for quick response.

These two cameras are showing out of stock to purchase. any other which are to stock?

It seems to be the only one in stock


is this camera support night vision?
is we can assemble IR CUT to this camera?

I am very sorry that only this camera model is available due to the shortage problem. The two models with night vision function are out of stock

Thanks for the quick response,

If we buy an infrared Leds like below type and
is it possible to assemble with available camera?
and if possible, we can get night vision support?

Hi, chandramouli.kona
I have checked the following product related information, since it is not Seeed, I can only describe the general:
The fit degree of the camera and the camera module board may not match (the relevant configuration information only mentions that it is suitable for Raspberry PI). In addition, if they are suitable, they can form a camera module, and there is no guarantee whether they can be suitable for NIVIDA. NVIDIA and Raspberry PI are two different boards. There is no guarantee of compatibility with the camera module (the relevant configuration information only mentions that it applies to the Raspberry PI)