NH3 sensor, which sensor is used, is it accurate enough. what is the drift?

I have used the old NH3 sensor with the blue and gray housing. That one was not accurate for livestock environments, the sensor quickly deteriorates till it gives ammonia values of 0 ppm while the acutal values were around 50ppm. This happened in a very quick time span, so quick that the sensor could not be used to get any realiable measurments for livestock ammonia monitoring. Has there something changed with the new ammonia sensor that you offer? Is it accurate enough for the high and long lasting ammonia levels in livestock environments? So like 10-70ppm?

How much does the sensor drift per year in these high ammonia environments?

On the site is is explained that the sensor is imported from germany, which sensor is that? Is it an equivalent of the sensor that drager uses in their dol 53 sensor? That is the only sensor i have tried that works in livestock environments.

Im talking about the new nh3 sensor, this one: https://www.seeedstudio.com/RS485-NH3-Sensor-Connector-p-5113.html