New Vision AI board won't load model do to newer firmware (it appears)

When I attempt to load the Vision AI board (from SenseCraft AI) with a model I get the Error shown below. I just received this from Seeed a week ago (contest but I can’t get started :angry:)

Device ID:59b9ee19
Device Name:Grove Vision AI (V2)
Device Version:2024.05.22

The latest firmware version is detected: 2024.04.17, if you want to upgrade to the latest firmware, you need to select a model to deploy in this platform.

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I get the same issue, I cant deploy a model, and I cant find the firmware it references to do the upgrade. I am on 2023.12.14, latest I can find is 2023.12.19.

Trying to deply a model via Sensecraft AI I also often get the error “Something error, suggest you re-plug the usbClick to apply” I have tried un pluging and repluging multiple times, and tried 3 different PC’s.


The update web site 5/30 to correct the problem.
I have had other issues once a model is loaded changing to another is difficult

Unfortunataly I still have the problem. I have managed to update the firmware to 2023.12.19 from here: Seeed_Grove_Vision_AI_Module_V2/Seeed_SenseCraft_AI_2023_12_19T183401_402.img at main · HimaxWiseEyePlus/Seeed_Grove_Vision_AI_Module_V2 · GitHub

But I cant find 2024.05.22 and trying to deploy a model from SenseCraft AI I still always get “Something error, suggest you re-plug the usbClick to apply”.

I have also now tried from Edge and no change.


So I seem to have solved my initial problem, not totally sure how but I did 3 things:

  1. I updated the firmware ‘manually’ to 2023.12.19 usig the ‘restore’ process here: GitHub - HimaxWiseEyePlus/Seeed_Grove_Vision_AI_Module_V2

  2. I removed the XIAO ESP32 I had piggy backed on the device

  3. I created a new image clasification project through Edge Impulse following the instructions here: Computer Vision at the Edge with Grove Vision AI Module V2 -

Once 3 worked (and as part of the process updated the firmware to the current version), I could then upload the pre built Seeed models.


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