New reTerminal broken?

Hello I just got my reTerminal today it did boot right up and I was able to update and apt-get a couple of programs but after rebooting I now just get a black screen the power light comes up and the sys light blink once then nothing after that.

I was going to open it up but the case backing is stuck. I remove the rubber feet and the four screws but the back doesnt come off. It seems to be stuck around the center industrial connector. Is there another hidden screw?
I need some help here…

It is ok now. I had to use a flat blade screw driver to get to the center two tabs once I got it open you can access the switch to re-image the eMMC. The LCD didnt work after rebooting but the mini HDMI did. With that I was able to ssh into the terminal and follow recompile / driver load script in the Getting Started page.