New Product: Samples of the various PCB colors

I would love it, if you guys would offer a small “sample book” for your Fusion Service.

I was thinking of 6 small PCBs, one for each color you offer and preferably also each in a different thickness. For example:

Red: 0.6mm thick

Green: 1.6mm thick
Blue: 2.0mm thick

These small boards would have a hole in one corner to tie them together with a small piece of string or chain.

On the boards themselves, you could have either your logo, or a short reference of the silkscreen text.

For example something like this:

Obviously you should adjust the minimum sizes to match your production limits, so that the result still looks good.

When I finish designing a board, I often wonder how small I can make the text, but still keep it readable. I wonder which thickness to select and if it would look better in white or in black.

Usually I look at old designs and check how well this worked, but I don’t have examples for everything. I have designed a small reference board to help me with the silkscreen sizes, but I don’t want to spend $110 just to get examples of all the different colors. I figured you guys can produce these rather cheaply. Maybe they would even be cheap enough to give them away as promotional material, but I would also buy one, if the price is reasonable (less than $5-$10).