New firmware :DS0201_V2.2X

We have divided a new firmware into two parts : DS0201_APP_V2.21 and DS0201_LIB_V2.1_ss .

Burn the DS0201_LIB_V2.1_ss into the DSO first, and go on to download the DS0201_APP_V2.21 in the same way.

This version just a beta test , up to you to decide whether to upgrade the firmware .

If you choose to upgrade it , please feedback the issue that in your use . We do not guarantee that this version of the stability and other problems resulting.

DS0201_LIB_V2.1_ss.rar (21.5 KB)



What are the enhanced features in this version in comparison with v1.x firmware?

I’m eager to update my Nano but i want to know benefit/risk ratio. Specially if it can screw the Nano.


There is not risk , you can restore to the older firmware any time.

The new firmware support using transparency to express the rate of change . The faster signal change the more transparent.

I have just upgraded mine, and it went without a hitch.

The display is much more like that of an analog scope, and is much more responsive.

Very nice!

I tryed it outdoor and is not good.
So I reloaded the v2.02
I would prefer to have an option to set on/off the transparency. :wink:


While the transparency is a neat feature, and clearly tries to emulate an analog scope, I quickly downgraded to 2.02. If there were an option to turn it on and off, or even better an adjustment for how aggressive it is, I would keep the upgrade. I certainly hope that we won’t be stuck with the current implementation of it as the versions move forward.


The transparency does not work well.
Can a copy of the original firmware be posted somewhere?

Yes, I also need the original firmware. I looked all over for it and have yet to find it posted anywhere online.



attached is a full backup of my original firmware. But be carefull, it rewrites the bootloader/update thing also.
for me it works, but i can not guarantee that it works for you too. If anything goes wrong your DSO Nano could die and the only way to bring it back to life then is JTAG.


DSO (29.7 KB)

  • I see no improvement related to triggers. As for now - triggers are not working whatsoever (basic waveform synchronization only).
  • A few pixels on the vertcal time window axis will flicker and/or become partially transparent (upper right/lower left).
  • After using the DSO for a while (trying different options with active input) a few pixels will get stuck and a restart is needed to clear.
  • The battery level indicator is unstable (flickering back and forth) at some levels and there appears to be a very short time for the final 70%.
  • I don’t like the transparency - it just makes the signal more difficult to view.
  • Frequency calculation is unreliable (looking at AC mains frequency on a near perfect square wave jumps a full Hz between readings).
  • When frequency is displayed, the “H” in “Hz” fickers an so does the “m” in delta time “mS” vertically below.
  • The abbreviation “SIGN” doesn’t make sense to me (do you mean “SINGle”?)

Why not work on fixing basic issues (triggers in particular) rather than “polishing” the user interface?

Well now you’ve just scared me away from using this. What is JTAG?

btw, thanks for posting it.

Hi @all!


in short: JTAG is a direct connection to the processor, for debugging, monitoring, programming…

If anything goes wrong while flashing the backup file i posted (power loss,…) or it´s simply not compatible to your hardware revision (i think it wold work for all revisions but I DON´T KNOW…) it may be possible that your dso would not start anymore and you won´t be able to flash a new firmware the normal way.

in such a case you could use a jtag interface cable and a piece of software to access the processor directly and so programm it´s internal memory.

I think if if your battery is full, usb cable and power switch stays untouched during flash, the risc is minimal.
but that minimal risc is yours :wink:


did a bit of research on JTAG and though I feel technically qualified to use the JTAG programmer I think I can deal with this firmware untill Seeed Studio decides to post the previous rev. I feel like an idiot for not backing it up. I just figured they would have it somewhere.

Maybe I’ll just buy this from sparkfun and do it anyway.: … cts_id=275

seems cheap enough and the DSO already has some breakout connections for programming it looks like.

If anything “flickers” it probably a sign that more is redrawn on the screen then it should/needed and it might be CPU intensive/draw battery. If my suspicions are correct then its bad but it also means the nano has room for improvements and can get even faster when optimised :slight_smile:

What’s the timeplan for the final 2.2 release?

I agree with the transparent stuff, it just makes the traces harder to see.

The Xposition is backwards, lock on to a square wave and select the T0,
as you press the left/right the trigger marker moves the way you select, but
the square wave moves the wrong direction. The right amount, just the wrong way.


its here:

I’m having the same problems as Ben. Triggers don’t work apart from in AUTO mode. NORM and SIGN/SING mostly don’t display the triggered signal at all.

Sometimes in NORM mode, when the R/S button is pressed and HOLD is displayed on the screen, I can see the waveform moving.

Sometimes it does trigger, but only after HOLDing, and possibly only after holding while the signal level is low if you’re looking for a rising edge. It appears to work better at longer time bases.

SIGN mode doesn’t work at all for me, unless I press the R/S button and immediately get a trigger. Could it be that these are triggering further along the horizontal axis and are therefore out of view?

I’m using firmware version 2.21. To test SIGN and NORM modes I was manually triggering the signal level rather than putting a waveform through it.

Hope that helps, and I look forward to the next update!

When will be released approximately the next firmware for DSO Nano? What’s your milestone?

I’ve been trying to load the firmware on the nano for a while, but it simply does not show itself as a USB device for me… :frowning:

I’ve tried it on a macbook (W7pro x64 and snow leo) and on a compaq notebook with WXP pro, and the device simply does not register… The screen on the DSO does show “USB” instead of the battery, but DfuSe shows nothing, either…

I’ve also tried holding Down while turning it on. The “Please connect to USB Host” screen appears, but plugging the USB cable yields nothing…

So, any guesses? My DSO is from the first batch, from last year…


Guys, sorry for idling. We will get back to the firmware upgrade soon, will keep you guys posted! Thanks for all the suggestions :slight_smile: