Never been able to update firmware on wio terminal

I have had the Wio Terminal for 2 years now and have made several attempts to update the Firmware to no avail. Each time I am unsuccessful. Would someone please link me the latest greatest Firmware Update instructions or video. I would gladly pay to have someone update it for me. My frustration level is thru the roof!


Hello, what firmware update do you want.

Any firmware update that will work. My Wio Terminal has never been updated by me. I followed the lessons from Seeed. Then was told there was a new way to update. I just confused. Thank you for being kind enough to help me, I really appreciate it.

If something other than the wio terminal is not working, I suggest that you try flashing back to our factory firmware, which can be found on the following wiki.

Thank you, the getting started page states that before you can use Wio Terminal you need to update the firmware. Can you use the Wio Terminal normally, Loading arduino sketches on it without updating the Firmware?

You might be confused by some instructions that say before you use the network hardware it has to be updated. This concerns only the network hardware. The rest of the WIOterminal can be used out of the box.
There are instructions to update the wifi. I had no problem doing this according to the instructions.