NetMF 4.2 support?


GHI have been working for months on a 4.2 release (currently in advanced beta) to match Microsoft’s NetMF 4.2. I don’t know if this is news to you, but GHI produces the main boards and has been shifting users and the entire Gadgeteer community towards 4.2.
New SDKs are being released from time to time, and Seeed’s products are not there. None of them.

I would like to know what are, if any, Seeed’s plans on joining the 4.2 revolution.


Waiter, I’ll have whatever she’s been smoking!

Bump to the top as I’m getting ready to upgrade my Gadgeteer projects to 4.2 and use a number of Seeed Gadgeteer modules so knowing what Seeed’s timeline is for releasing 4.2 drivers is important to me.

Hi All
I’m sorry for updating late,and we’ll update software ASAP.
Thanks for comprehension.