Needing full firmware DSO203 version 3.46C

Hello everyone, I own a DSO203 with firmware v3.46C. I wanted to upgrade the oscilloscope to wildcatV5.6 but I messed up after the error with DFU. This led to DSO203 not booting properly (no errors in the start menu, but it’s an endless process). Then I tried to use RECOVERY281282 adr’s and bin’s and eventually, I got an FPGA Configuration error and the icon disappeared. I don’t have the license error, everything is fine with it. But I have no idea how to get rid of upper problems without disassembling the oscilloscope like it was done in this case (Tutorial: How to flash/debrick/update DFU on DSO203 HW V2.81).

Could anyone help me with this case please?

Thank you very much for your attention.