Need assistance with PCB/BOM

I’ve got a working prototype device which I’m trying to get into shape for being produced and fit into a specific polycase enclosure:

I have drawings done on Fritzing already which represent my prototype TH design, but expect I need to go to SMT for mass production (I am NOT doing assembly for this many devices!!!) for my initial run, which is expected to be somewhere between 250 and 500 units, depending on unit cost. I have a fixed start-up budget…

I’ve contacted a prototyping firm already, but am having difficulty with getting the BOM reduced down to the bare essentials (I’m not an EE, I’m far more an ME / Machinist) of what’s needed and help with selection of components for getting the per unit costs down. The current estimate is ~$20 US per unit. I HAVE to get my unit costs down below $15 or less for it to be a viable business.

I’d contacted Seeed for possible assistance and they recommended posting on the forum looking for someone to help with the project. I’m not looking for free assistance. I’m quite happy to pay you for your help if we can accomplish the design goals / per unit costs together.

You can PM me here, or contact me at