music shield V1 and V2


I own Music shield v1 and v2. On both mp3 files work great. But on both wav files are totally distored.
I do not know how to solve it. Who can help me?


I have try to play WAV Files for Music Shield V1 and V2, They are ok!

I share my practice:

Firstly you need save WAV files to SD card and make sure they are in the root directory.

Open the demo code:playWithName and change “test.wav” to “AliAli.wav”.

void loop()
myplayer.setPlayMode(MODE_REPEAT_ONE);//set mode to repeat to play a song
myplayer.playSong(“AliAli.wav”);//play a song named with test.wav
while(1);//If the mode is normal, it will stop when it finished playing all the songs in the playlist

After upload the code. I can hear songs. Open the Serial Monitor, I can see:

I hope it might be helpful to you!