Multichannel v2 gas sensor to ppm

I got the Grove V2 multichannel gas sensor and have been trying to get accurate values in ppm. Using the V2 library they provide ( I’m getting values that are way off, so I suspect the values aren’t actually being returned in ppm, but I don’t know how to convert them. Either I need new code, or my sensor is not working properly. Here are the values I’m getting:
VOC: ~300
NO2: ~450
CO: ~500
Ethyl Alcohol: ~389

These would all be pretty harmful levels of the gasses and I am in a low air pollution environment.

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I’m having the same problem, I was able to mirror code from c++ to Elixir (nerves), since clear specs are missing, it’s not clear wich units am I reading.

It’s also unclear how long preheat must be done and on which schedule it should be done : Only for the beginning of life of the product, or preheat should be done before each measure ?

did you find the answer ?

Nope, the sensor just doesn’t work properly