Mr60fda1 xiao_esp32

We bought a MR60FDA1 radar and connect it with XIAO_ESP32 MCU. Position the radar 2m height and 5 angle. Update firmware with ota and it said successfull. While following your wiki page we can get HumanExis data but we cant get any fall status or Stationary residence state change data. We try to check raw data with recvRadarBytes and no data received with 0x83 0x01 or 0x83 0x05. Can you help us thank you for your support.

Also experiencing similar behavior. We can get a lot of human presence data like 0x80 0x03, 0x80 0x02, 0x80 0x01; but never on fall detection data like 0x83 0x01 or 0x83 0x05. Even after sending command to enable/switch on the fall monitoring function (0x83 0x00).

We just ordered a few days back (May 19 2023) so was expecting firmware is latest. Please help to advise if need to update firmware or are there any other settings or steps need to be done to be able to get fall detection data…

BTW, we have tested in both ESP32 and arduino uno, similar results.