MR60FDA1 has problem in Fall Detection function. sensor report always be '0'

Hi All,
With the Fall Detection Sensor - MR60FDA1, I tried the demo programs. Demo1 and Demo2 works. But Demo3 does not work. It does not show the effected data. I checked radar.sensor_report from radar.Fall_Detection() always being “0”. Is it caused by the recent update ?? please help

Hello, if it is 0 all the time, it means no fall status is detected. Do you have a top 3m or more to install the MR60FDA1?

Yes, I tried to test it at a distance about 3m. But it only send out 0. According to the related document, it should send out other numbers, such as : #define NOFALL 0x08#define FALL 0x09#define NORESIDENT 0x10#define RESIDENCY 0x11

Also, when using the same sensor, just change the function to radar.HumanExis_Func(), the output values of radar.sensor_report are normal.

May I ask if you have stayed down during ‘Fall time’. The MR60FDA1 preset ‘Fall time’ is 30s, i.e. you need to stay in the fall state for 30s to trigger the fall data. If you get up within 30s, it will break the fall state, i.e. report 0.
Suggest you to check your own Fall time

you can also change your Fall time according to the following command.

You can change the fall sensitivity if the top 3m is mounted as previously described, and you still don’t have any fall data after falling and getting up again after ‘Fall time’