MR60FDA1 60GHz mmWave Sensor - Fall Detection Pro Module

Hi, I am using above fall detection. Data message printed in the serial monitor.
I am getting 53 59 80 3 0 1 1 31 54 43

How to determine a fall?

Have the leaves changed ? That’s how I do it… LOL
Hi couldn’t resist :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, Looks like your getting the gyro and accelerometer data printed with the magnetometer too may be? Typically the demo apps just write it out the serial port. Scroll back see if there are headers in there somewhere.
I haven’t looked over the Data-sheet yet but that is my guess. it’s just raw data so, you will probably need to code up some magic. :v:

GL :-p


Thanks for your reply.
I got this from the manual, but I am having difficulty understanding Fall data pattern.
If I know the fall data pattern, I can do rest of the coding.

Hello, happy to help you. When you receive the content of the data circled in red in the diagram, it means that the radar recognises a change in the fall status.


Thank you.
Sorry for the late reply. I got it working.
The only issue is now, sometimes when two people are in the zone, It produces a false - Falling alarm.
Further, I also tried to detect falls from bed but it did not work. Do you have any idea how I could fine-tune that?

Thank you very much for your help.
Best regards

Please ensure that the only person present during the test is the subject to be monitored and that there are no other moving creatures to interfere, e.g. dogs etc. In the event of inaccurate detection, check that the radar is installed at the required distance from the subject to be monitored to the specifications in the manual.