MR60BHA1 update firmware

After I updated the firmware, only the breathing rate is displayed?
Which version is the latest firmware or can I have done something wrong?
Can anyone help me?

There is no mention of the release dates of the two firmware. So, there is no way to figure out which one is the latest. We hope seeedstudio will mention those.

Hi there,
I believe it’s in the datecode of the BIN. file 23/01/04 vs. 23/09/15 I would wadger the second one is.
euro date format…
GL :slight_smile: PJ

Where can I get the JLinkDevice.xml for Segger?

On 雅特力科技 Artery :: Usher in a new era of 32-bit microcontrollers I do not find this file.

Hi @Hel_Ste
UART_MR60FDA1-230915.bin is the newest one
230915 means 23/09/15
@PJ_Glasso is right

Now I have to update the firmware via Jlink therefore I need the JLinkDevice.xml.
Where can I find this file?