MR60BHA1 heart rate and breathing waveform data

I have two MR60BHA1 modules.
How do i use MR60BHA1 heart rate and breathing waveform data.
If you are still working on the feature, please let me know when it will be available.

I am also looking for this information. The video on the product page looked like the device was sending waveform data, but doesn’t seem to be the case for the ones I’ve purchased.

Are you able to send any data to the module, like to request any kind of data? I followed the wiki and formulated the data packets to make requests but there doesn’t seem to be any response (other than the regular info it streams by default)

I was thinking maybe our firmware is not the latest. I noticed the module supports some kind of OTA firmware upgrade, but there are no details on the wiki or product page about it.

Looking forward to extracting the waveforms from this device…

I’d like to access the waveform as well. The demo video on the product page led me to believe waveform data for heart and breathing would be available. Are there any insights or updates on timing for an upgraded firmware that would enable these signals?